Providence Pedestrian Bridge

Client: High Steel Structures
Capex: $22 million
Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Completion Date: 2016-2018

The Providence Pedestrian Bridge in Rhode Island is built on existing piers made available with the relocation of I-195.
Scope of Work:
  • Modeling and detailing of the girders, floor beams, diaphragms, bracing and misc. steel

Project Stats:

  • 394 ft. long
  • 350 tons

Highlights & Challenges:

  • Extensive use of Architectural models and drawings was required to correctly model the complex geometry of the structure. Many sketches were drawn, meetings held and much co-ordination was done with the design team.
  • The bridge is unique in that there are over 200 Architectural Wana panels bolted to the side of the bridge girders. These panels form a wood fascia on the bridge. Connections for each of these panels was modeled and incorporated into the shop drawings.
  • The bridge has an IPE wood deck. DBM Vircon modeled the IPE wood deck planks in position to facilitate the field crew.
“The original Providence Pedestrian Bridge design plans lacked the coordination and detail of the steel and architectural elements required to begin steel fabrication drawings causing potential extensive delays. Once DBM Vircon stepped into the design-assist role, the steel design timeframe was reduced significantly. DBM Vircon’s ability to provide a more constructible design resulted in a faster fabrication and installation of the steel structure than anticipated.”

Matt Giovino Project Manager / Daniel O’Connell’s Sons