Kosciuszko Bridge Phase II – Westbound

Client: High Steel Structures
Capex: $318 million
Location: Brooklyn and Queens, New York City
Completion Date: 2017- 2019

Kosciuszko Bridge Phase II – Westbound is the second cable stayed roadway bridge in New York City. It features an aesthetic colored lighting design system that allows for dynamic light shows to illuminate the stay cables and pylon towers at night

Scope of Work:

  • 3D modeling and shop detailing of approximately 2,800 tons of structural steel including floor beams, edge girders, pipe anchors and a full-length traveler system 34,000 shop attached studs 

Project Stats:

  • Single pylon design with main span of 1000-ft
  • 20-ft wide bikeway/walkway
  • 100-year service life

Highlights & Challenges:

  • As was the case with K1, final geometry was sorted out after IFC drawings were issued; cable anchor connection details were also modified along the way to suit a variety of fit up issues
  • There were over 33,000 shop attached studs that had to be coordinated with precast rebar locations that were not available until after modeling and edited drawings were complete
  • Complex modeling at the rocket launchers and girders