Client: BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd
Location: Port Hedland, Western Australia
Completion Date: 2011-2013

Located in Western Australia, Jimblebar is an iron ore mine. The project consisted of a major expansion to increase production at the plant.
Project Details: The Jimblebar plant was separated into 3 packages, Package 1 – Primary Crushing to CV001 designed in Chile, Package 2 – Coarse Ore Stockpile to Transfer Station designed in Perth and Package 3 – Overland conveyors to transfer station TS112 designed in Adelaide. The Train Loadout within Package 3 was designed in Perth. The shop detailing and 3D BIM of structural steelwork and mechanical plate work, isometrics for piping and vendor modelling of all concrete, procured items, electrical and cable trays over the 3 packages was in excess of 20,000t. Package 4 involved in the extension of CV001 to Wheelarra was detailed and fabricated afterwards.
Highlights & Challenges
  • First steelwork was issued September 2011, 6 weeks earlier than scheduled.
  • Using iConstruct DBM Vircon developed 300 Module Reports containing Centre of Gravity information. This invaluable information assisted not only with schedule and health and safety but also assisted with Insurance requirements for shipping. This benefited the entire schedule of the project
  • As part of the client requested an accelerated program, DBM Vircon was able to exceed manpower requirements to over 100 resources for 6 months.In this time, over 350 active models were produced during the detailing cycle with all being reviewed by client with comments captured.DBM Vircon used this information to work closely with the client to change priority items within the schedule as required.
  • DBM Vircon deployed personnel to China to provide providing prompt solutions and clarifications for the fabricator BOMESC.
  • The Module concept (Generation 2) which DBM Vircon provided was deemed a success and resulted in large modules being fabricated with all secondary items including handrail, grating, mechanical equipment installed prior to shipment for site installation. Generation one previously on RGP5 had structural steelwork only.
  • During the peak period over the 2011/2012 an average of 1000t per week was being issued exceeding programed expectations.
  • First Ore on Ship was 6 months ahead of schedule.
  • DBM Vircon and FAST group worked as a team to resolve problems continuously, from schedule delays of design, changes to protocols, re-design, construction requirements and restrictions of manpower. The two teams worked together as one to achieve outstanding results.