The 2017 Salt Sixes Corporate Cricket Challenge

The 2017 Salt Sixes Corporate Cricket Challenge

PDC Salt Sixes Team: Jarrod Baker (Captain), Rob Massimi, Warwick Brough, Thor Bekkevold, Filipe Seara, Cameron Moylan and Bruce Dainton

Beneficiary: Muscular Dystrophy WA

If you did not know, PDC participated in the 2017 Salt Sixes Corporate Cricket day on Friday the 8th of December which was held a Tompkins Park. This was the second year PDC has entered a team, and there was probably a little bit more expectation from our team to win a game or two. If you did not know, we actually did not win a game at last year’s event. So this year, the team had numerous training sessions to prepare for the day and it seem to pay off with some better batting performances in the first couple of games.

First game we were up against Salt Property. We started well with Rob Massimi and Warwick Brough opening the batting and Rob retiring on 30 odd. Warwick remained not out on 27 and finished the innings losing no wickets and scoring 70 odd runs. Salt then came out to bat and we had them in trouble early with a few wickets and then Cam Moylan took a couple and was on a hatrick (but did not get it). So we won the first game comfortably. Our first win in the Salt Sixes competition. What a relief as captain!

Second game we were up against the NAB. Again we batted first and had slow start with some good bowling from the opposition. Eventually we had a batsman retire and the team went on the score another 70 plus runs for the innings. Filipe come steaming in when we were bowling and hit a batsman in the ribs just to soften him up a bit. It ended up being a pretty comfortable win for PDC in the end. Our second win for the day and our second win ever. The team were feeling pumped by this time and looking forward to the next game.

Third game we came up against the reigning title holders, Kyalami Landscapes. This was going to be a massive test for the boys to see if all the training could hold them in good stead against a very good opponent. Unfortunately it was not to be. The less said about this game probably the better. Let’s just say that this side eventually went on the play in the grand final to attempt to defend their title. Even with 4 changes from their side from last year. We actually got beaten by 70 runs in the end. A massive loss after the two previous wins.

We were now at the lunch break so the boys could regroup, have a feed, a few more drinks and rest in the air conditioning. During the lunch break, the semi-final games are announced. We did not make it to the main finals so we were to play in a plate semi-final against a team called CBB (Cricketers Behaving Badly). Once this was announced, it was Vodka & soda water shots all round before lunch actually started.

Fourth and final game of the day was against CBB. Before the game started, it was again vodka & soda water shots all round and then time to play. By this time everyone was ready for the day to end. We had just finished lunch, it was late in the afternoon and it was hot. We bowled first and CBB made about 80 odd runs. Our chase for those runs did not start well losing a wicket first ball and then another very shortly afterwards. Thor and Bruce were at the crease trying to get the runs but the heat and the size of the target finally got the better of our batsmen (Bruce especially). We eventually lost the game so we ended the day with 2 wins and 2 losses. A great improvement from last year and I think everyone had a great time. Even the new comers had a great day.

So hopefully next year we can get more people wanting to play so everyone can experience the day. Roll on December next year for another Salt Sixes Corporate Day.

Also, you may be asking why we have a beneficiary. Well al the leftover proceeds from the nomination fees, raffles and auctions are split between grassroots cricket clubs or Musculary Dystrophy WA. I chose to donate our portion of the monies to Muscular Dystrophy WA.