DBM Vircon Sponsor Australian Steel Institute’s Australian Steel Convention

PDC Sponsor Australian Steel Institute's Australian Steel Convention

DBM Vircon have partnered with Australian Steel Institute by sponsoring the 2018 Australian Steel Convention.

The convention this year will focus on equipping Australian steel with the information and tools to navigate a changing landscape, qualify, differentiate, compete, and win business.

We at DBM Vircon feel it’s a pivotal moment in the industry with Australian companies now being best placed to utilize the vast experience in mining and infrastructure industries and the developing technologies to deliver smarter, cost-effective and higher quality deliverables to the unprecedented growth in infrastructure, defence, building, and construction industries.

We at DBM Vircon have long been at the forefront of 3D modeling and steel detailing, exposing us to the largest and most detailed 3D models from state of the art mine sites to modern hospitals. This has given us excellent opportunities to refine our skills in model optimization for visualization. In more recent years, we have been a world leader in the development and implementation of 3D BIM processes. Being one of the first to utilise 3D and BIM for the detailing of steel structures and mechanical equipment, the use of intelligent 3D Building Information Models that are millimetre perfect is the norm.