Vendor &
Mechanical Equipment

Coherent, Constructible Vendor and Mechanical Equipment Integration

DBM Vircon’s nano-precise and data rich 3D models allow the precise and seamless integration of vendor and mechanical equipment into complex building system models. Our models take into account all aspects of vendor and mechanical equipment to ensure constructibility, including how they are fixed to the structure, the mounting points and surrounding notched flooring. These models can be used for executing greenfield projects, retrofitting designs and visualizing existing facilities.

By providing you with all the exact and meticulous information you need to maximize your project, our models can help you to slash project timeframes and costs. Interoperability also facilitates the reduction of errors, meaning neither time nor money is wasted on rework, delays or clashes.

Maximize Efficiency with Streamlined Interoperability

Minimized Mistakes

The integration of data from all design disciplines and the streamlining of team communication resolves problems relating to inadequate documentation and reduces clashes and errors.

Enhanced Site Safety

Comprehensive 3D models allow for planning and coordination of field tasks to occur remotely, reducing the time spent on-site. It also facilitates virtual walk-throughs for problem resolution.

Accelerated Timeframes

With the integration of vendor and mechanical equipment into your comprehensive 3D models, labour-intensive tasks are reduced, productivity increased and time-consuming errors avoided.

Reduced Expenditure

Our models help to eradicate duplication, rework, delays and clashes, enabling scheduling and budgetary certainty and improvement. Labour and materials expenditure are reduced.

Ensured Constructibility

Our accurate and precise models incorporate advanced technology and data to take into account all variables and factors to ensure constructability of and around vendor and mechanical equipment.

Increased Communicability

3D models enable comprehension of a cohesive project and the connectivity of systems. This allows designs to be easily communicated, verified and approved by all stakeholders as well as clients.

Improved Communication and Cooperation

With DBM Vircon undertaking the modeling and detailing of your vendor and mechanical equipment, you can be assured that the construction, implementation and integration of this equipment on your project will be seamless. We help increase efficiency and productivity on your project through:

A comprehensive and cohesive design that allows:
  • Connectivity of systems
  • Operational envelopes
  • Identification of and allowance for, maintenance zones
  • Increased communicability between stakeholders
Suitability for a variety of projects including:
  • Execution of greenfield projects
  • Retrofitting designs
  • Visualization of existing facilities
Maximized efficiency and productivity through:
  • Minimization of clashes, duplication, reworks and delays
  • Reduced labor spent on menial tasks and calculations
  • Automatic identification of potential problems or conflicts
Ensured constructibility and functionality of vendor and mechanical equipment through:
  • Incorporation of mounting points
  • Surrounding notched flooring
  • Consideration of how they are fixed to the structure