Tanks & Vessels

Versatile, Streamlined Tank and Vessel Detailing

DBM Vircon’s fully interactive 3D graphical interface is precise to the millimeter, enabling rapid configuration, design and detailing of above-ground shop-built and field-erected storage tanks and vessels. Our advanced technology and data are able to perform a variety of design calculations, as well as automatically fabricate drawings, bills of materials, CNC drawings, material purchase tables, inspection tables and costing data tables.

With our data-rich models and comprehensive detailing, material and labor costs are reduced due to the eradication of labor-intensive tasks and minute calculations. Our precise calculations, which use highly intelligent, field-tested formulas and variables, eliminate conversions errors, further reducing timeframes and expenditure on reworks, delays and clashes.

Automated Designs that Decrease Labor Expenditure

Reduced Labor-Intensive Tasks

Our technology allows you to reduce labour costs through automatic design calculations, generation of complete dets of fabrication drawings, bills of materials, CNC drawings and more.

Accurate Reverse Engineering

Create 3D models of existing tanks using laser scans, which replicate their exact conditions. Laser scanning is also able to perform settlement analyses, verticality and out of roundness analyses.

Increased Versatility

By integrating design, drafting, purchasing, quality control, fabrication and inspection into one program, a wide variety of tanks and vessels can be produced to a superior specification.

Mitigated Errors

The integration of data and components ensures clashes are avoided. For example, it ensures roof nozzles, manways and vents do not sit above rafters or girders, saving time and money on rework.

Expedited Project Starts

Our technology allows you to generate accurate quotes and designs for clients in a matter of hours, which can increase customer satisfaction, aid in winning project bids and expedite timeframes.

Coherent Designs

The nano-precision and integration of our models means you are able to validate accuracy and completeness between point cloud data and 3D design, eliminating RFIs, delays and reworks.

Improved Design and Accurate Calculations

DBM Vircon uses nano-precise 3D models to maximize and improve all stages of tank and vessel projects. We deliver:

A wide range of storage tank designs and configurations:
  • Roof layouts include self and structural supported, single and multi-bay flat, cone and umbrella with knuckle design
  • Roof structures include various configurations for columns, girders, rafters and brackets, with external and internal floating roofs supported
  • Shell courses, stiffening rings and anchor chairs
  • A range of bottom types, including sloped or shovelled, with staggered or ribbon layout and optional annular or bearing ring
A diverse array of stairs, ladders, platforms and wind girders:
  • Radial and spiral stairways with intermediate platforms, single and double stringers designs and various types of hand railings and posts
  • Ladders with cages, climbing devices, safety cables, gates, removable start ladders, intermediate platforms and internal rolling and hinged ladders for floating roof access
  • Wind girders with variable sections and various structural attachments
  • Roof walkways and platforms
Literally hundreds of internal and external possible considerations:
  • Piping subsystems for multi-level sampling, overflow, draw-off, diffusers, foaming and pumping
  • Manways with optional davit arm, hinges, handles attached to shells and roofs
  • Rectangular and circular hatches, cleanouts, vents, couplings and nozzles with flanges, elbows and other attachments
  • Liquid level gages and gage poles
  • Scaffolding cable supports, lifting lugs, grounding lugs, tray supports, baffles and more
Highly accurate design calculations that include:
  • Seismic loads
  • Minimum and maximum liquid level
  • Maximum design temperature
  • Minimum design metal temperature
  • Internal and external pressures
  • Wind loading
Summary reports which include:
  • Relevant code references
  • Design formulas and variables
  • Numerical substitution into the formulas
  • Results of calculations