Pipe Modeling

Optimized Piping Networks

DBM Vircon offers a variety of piping design and detailing services that range from small stand-alone packages through to major onshore and offshore projects across the energy and resource industries. Our models ensure an optimum pipe route that utilizes the least amount of space and allows for easy maintenance access, with supports that are effectively located. By examining collisions and gradients, and verifying alignment and surface connections, the accuracy of our models significantly reduces schedules and site reworks which reduces costs. At any phase of the project life cycle, we can provide solutions and advance the project to the next phase and beyond.

Through a rigorous design process our models and extensive data enable design and delivery of highly accurate piping networks. By examining collisions and gradients, and verifying alignment and surface connections, the accuracy of our models increases efficiency, slashes timeframes and reduces costs.

Slash Costs While Increasing Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Integrated Models

Our piping orthographics and isometrics allow full integration with other services and infrastructure, eradicating potential clashes early and enabling a full and comprehensive overview of a project.

Automated Clash Detection

Through 3D modeling, you are able to perform a clash detection test which identifies any overlaps in piping routing. This decreases the need for rework, which allows you to save time and expenses.

Comprehensive 3D Visualization

Continuous and detailed 3D pipe network and excavation models allow for a comprehensive understanding of the project and ease of validation and communication to stakeholders.

Effective Network

Our models and data result in a piping system which reduces space utilisation, optimises pipe routing, ensures piping supports are in proper locations and enables easy maintenance and dismantling.

Slashed Timeframes

Detailed and comprehensively labelled models reduce conflicts and clashes while also mitigating the need for rework, ultimately enabling efficiency and slashing project timeframes.

Reduced Costs

Our data and models are able to detect clashes and potential conflicts early on, meaning the risk of delays and rework is reduced, which drastically cuts expenses associated with labor and materials.

Adding Value Throughout the Project Life Cycle

DBM Vircon enables the successful integration of engineering, design and detailing throughout the project life cycle:

3D modeling:
  • Design and detailing
  • Parametric equipment modeling
  • Federated models and clash checking
  • As-Built models
  • Laser scanning and back modeling
  • Animations, renders and walkthrough
Piping deliverables:
  • PFD’s & P&ID’s
  • Key, site and plot plans
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Vessel nozzle & orientation drawings
  • Underground piping & utility plans
  • Safety equipment location plans
  • Pipe support layout and location plans
  • Pipe support standards
  • Piping standard details
Customizable and traceable piping isometrics:
  • Customizable system, fabrication and spool isometrics
  • Material, commodity code and weld traceability
  • Cut lengths, end preparation & spool numbering
Automated customizable reporting:
  • Piping, valve, TIP, special item, weld & cut lists
  • Customized to individual clients needs – item weights, surface areas, centers of gravity
  • Quantity extraction to support cost estimates
  • Material, installation & maintenance cost estimates