Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Design Process for Cost and Schedule Certainty

Engineering firms traditionally use 3D modeling tools to design, from which they deliver 2D engineering drawings to the fabricator. The fabricator then engages modellers and detailers to create a detailed LOD 400 model. This process becomes convoluted and inefficient when the engineering drawings are incomplete or require revisions, adversely impacting both project budget and schedule.

There is a better alternative. Engage our expert modellers and detailers early in the design concept stage to work collaboratively with your project engineers, fabricators and constructors. Leveraging our innovative workflow, DBM Vircon imports either the analysis or engineering models (LOD 200 or LOD 300) and works alongside your engineers – embedded in your project office where needed – to resolve design issues and produce a millimetre perfect, data rich 3D model that complies with all LOD 400 specifications.

Efficient End-to-End Project 3D Model Management

Schedule Certainty

With a more accurate design completed at an earlier stage, schedule certainty is vastly improved and fabrication commences earlier. Our methodology typically saves clients at least two to three months.

Cost Certainty

A more complete design enables project bids to come in at much lower range, because quotes are accurate. This gives the owner and builder the confidence to move ahead with an accurate price.

Early Detection of Constructibility Issues

Early detection of design and engineering issues and enables fabricators to deliver highly accurate steelwork, minimising RFIs, fabrication holds and expensive construction delays.

Less Work Overall

With millimetre perfect, highly intelligent models, there is less fabrication work overall and minimal re-work, which reduces the total man-hours spent on-site and slashes project budgets.

Elimination of 2D Engineering Drawings

DBM Vircon can import engineering drawings into the construction model, eliminating some of the engineering documentation and ensuring both engineering and fabrication drawings align perfectly.

Streamlined Project Management

With all teams collaborating via one design model, critical project issues can be effortlessly identified throughout your project, with necessary changes to the construction schedule managed with ease.

Improved Procurement

Millimetre perfect models that are free from constructibility issues and clashes enable all contractors to accurately quote on and procure materials (without overruns), reducing waste and delivery delays.

Enhanced BIM Applications

Early creation of a detailed project model facilitates its wider use for applications such as BIM and virtual construction, which improve ongoing asset management and project delivery.

Proven Model Management Processes

Our team provides a new perspective during the design process that completes industrial, commercial and infrastructure models. We harness concurrent inputs from a myriad of stakeholders to deliver an optimum design, construction schedule and ongoing maintenance solutions through:

3D Models that are effective and usable by the build and design teams:
  • Our vast experience on large, complex projects around the world give you and your subcontractors the confidence and peace of mind that our models are millimetre perfect and multi-functional
Our uniquely effective and expertly refined workflow that:
  • Has been delivered for numerous projects on behalf of prominent global firms to secure superior outcomes
  • Compresses both design and construction schedules
  • Reduces wastage
  • Mitigates risk
Our integrated design process that delivers a myriad of benefits for:
  • Early detection of design and engineering issues
  • Minimization of RFIs, holds and design changes
  • Reduction of engineering documentation
  • Elimination of re-entry and recreation of drawings, with engineering and fabrication drawings generated from the one model
  • Increased transparency and efficiency in procuring fabrication
Early engagement that delivers a collaborative, efficient engineering design process and virtually eliminates the tedious RFl process:
  • The engineering model (LOD200 specification) can be developed to approximately 80% complete, before it is handed over to DBM Vircon to lock in steel prices as early as possible and expedite procurement
  • We then work collaboratively with all project stakeholders to develop a construction model to LOD400 specification
Increased handover efficiencies and early availability of deliverables to allow more accurate fabrication and construction budgeting and planning through:
  • Significant experience in collaboration with all project stakeholders
  • The development of preferred methodology and preconstruction workflows to ensure our team is as effective as possible
  • Discipline is embedded in our culture, ensuring superior quality model management practices

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