Making Design Constructible

Design Assist

Design Assist – Better Designs for More Efficient Construction

By applying our design assist processes to your next project, DBM Vircon can help you bridge the gap between design, engineering and fabrication. Utilizing highly innovative, collaborative techniques such as early engagement, design development, design secondments and integrated design-detailing, we minimize the over development of your model with unnecessary detail. This ensures your detailer never needs to re-interpret the engineers’ intent, streamlining the fabrication and erection process for an efficient, on-time and on-budget build.

Design assist ensures all project stakeholders have a clear, unified understanding of design intent, so that early stage designs can be modified to achieve optimal steelwork outcomes and minimize costly changes during fabrication and erection. Working closely with either the fabricator or engineer, we can help evolve your design and provide fabrication and erection solutions, whether it be modularization of the steelwork, full trusses that need to be craned into position or bridge geometry. We can even suggest design solutions, such as the appropriate venting requirements for finishes such as galvanizing.

Optimize Early Stage Designs for an On-Time, On-Budget Build

Early Identification of Constructibility Issues

Minimized Model Duplication

Minimising the overdevelopment of your model ensures your detailer never need re-interpret engineers’ intent, streamlining fabrication and erection for an efficient, on-time and on-budget build.

Elimination of 2D Engineering Drawings

DBM Vircon can import engineering drawings into the construction model, eliminating some of the engineering documentation and ensuring both engineering and fabrication drawings align perfectly.

Improved Procurement

Millimetre perfect models that are free from constructibility issues and clashes enable all contractors to accurately quote on and procure materials (without overruns), reducing waste and delivery delays.

Compressed Schedule

Long-lead items from engineering are released earlier, reducing the 3D modeling and shop detailing phase and allowing fabrication to commence earlier. This compresses the schedule and reduces costs.

De-Risked Design Strategy

With design assist, the model becomes the single source of truth for your project, ensuring consistent end deliverables, an engaged pathway through the design stage and faster design completion.

Enhanced Trades Collaboration

With a single source of design truth, multiple fabrication contractors can get to work, while maintaining consistent, controlled design information and resolving interface issues between trades.

Streamlined Project Management

With all teams collaborating via one design model, critical project issues can be effortlessly identified throughout your project, with necessary changes to the construction schedule managed with ease.

Proven Model Management Processes for Design Assist

With the help of DBM Vircon’s team of experts, you will be well-equipped to analyze, clarify and optimize early stage designs to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective steel solutions through:

Early engagement that delivers a collaborative, efficient engineering design process and virtually eliminates the standard RFl procedure:
  • The engineering model (LOD200 specification) can be developed to approximately 80% complete, before it is handed over to DBM Vircon to lock in steel prices and expedite procurement
  • We then work collaboratively with all project stakeholders to develop a construction model to LOD400 specification
Increased handover efficiencies and early availability of deliverables to allow more accurate fabrication and construction budgeting and planning through:
  • Significant experience in collaboration with all project stakeholders
  • The development of preferred methodology and preconstruction workflows to ensure our team is as effective as possible
  • Discipline is embedded in our culture, ensuring superior quality model management practices
Tailored services that exceed your expectations, including millimeter perfect Tekla models from the engineer’s design that can be used for myriad purposes:
  • Finalized material ordering
  • Creation of a preliminary erection plan
  • As a unified method of notifying the entire design team of changes
A highly detailed, expert review of the Tekla model that ensures:
  • All steel members are reviewed for profile, location and elevation
  • All steel members are tagged in the model as approved
  • Highly accurate erection plans can be generated
Regular coordination meetings with all project stakeholders that ensure:
  • Changes are accurately marked on erection plans
  • The model is always up to date

DBM Vircon Projects







“DBM Vircon’s services meant a three to four month improvement on our overall schedule”

Brockman 4 Project Team, Rio Tinto

“DBM Vircon significantly reduced the extent of rework, with unambiguous communication between engineering and construction”

RGP4 Newman Hub Project Team, BHP BILLITON