Van-Leesten Memorial Bridge

Providence Pedestrian Bridge

The Van-Leesten Memorial Bridge in Rhode Island is built on existing piers made available with the relocation of I-195.

Huey Long Bridge Widening

Huey Long Bridge

The Huey Long Bridge Widening is one of the largest bridge widening projects in the world. It included the widening of one of the longest highway & railroad bridges in the US and adding trusses on each side and replaced the existing traffic lanes with 3 widened lanes and shoulders

Salt Lake City International Airport, Garage and Central Utility Plant

Salt Lake City International Airport

The Salt Lake City International Airport, a civil-military airport operated and managed by the Salt Lake City Department of Airports, is the 21st busiest airport in passenger count in the US. It is one of the largest hubs for Delta airlines, hub for SkyWest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. The airport has 3 terminals with 5 concourses with a total of 83 gates.