Digital Engineering Overview

Digital Engineering – Going Beyond 3D Models

At DBM Vircon, digital engineering involves managing the digital asset from initial scoping, right through to the end of the asset lifecycle. This goes beyond simply creating 3D models. It’s an approach that integrates data and model structures by leveraging multiple primary information sources to facilitate project collaboration, clarify decision-making and, ultimately, streamline project delivery.

Our digital engineering team is structured to exceed expectations in delivering value for clients across the Design-Build-Manage lifecycle, through dynamic, innovative Digital Engineering processes that are fit for purpose. DBM Vircon collaboratively guide teams through effective implementation of digital engineering that facilitates governance, transparency and enhanced decision making, leading to better solutions and outcomes.

Digital Twin – The Single Point of Truth

Our workflows add value at every stage of the digital asset’s lifecycle, from initial capture and 3D visualisation, to holistic management and integration of the digital asset.

Through our custom-designed governing processes and workflows, DBM Vircon manages all model input, use and development—steps that are integral to maintaining the model as a single point of truth.

Our collection of defined model uses, workflows and modeling methods ensures specific, repeatable and reliable outputs from the model. The result is a digital asset that accurately reflects the facility to be built and/or managed.

Measurable Value Never Before Possible

Building on our traditional BIM values, DBM Vircon understands that the capture, analysis and application of data is the driving force behind the future of the digital built environment. That’s why we’ve created innovative data solutions for you—combined with our industry leading BIM practice, we can provide measurable value for your next project that was never before possible.