Christmas Came Early for Our Manila Staff

Christmas Came Early for PDC Manila Staff

It is once again the season of the year where kids and kids at heart are happy to unwrap their Christmas presents. PDC Manila staff’s Christmas came early with the unveiling of the new Asia Pacific office located at the heart of Ortigas Business District. As our family gets bigger and bigger, Manila office has relocated to a larger home to accommodate more “members”. The hallways and cubicles of the new office are spacious enough and staff are happy with their own personal space.

Apart from the improved meeting rooms, there are new 1-on-1 rooms and a boardroom to fit any kind of meetings. For a larger group, the training room can also be used for discussions. We are also proud of the dining area where staff can take their snacks and meals. There are two large TV screens where they can relax while eating. The game area is located beside the dining area where staff can play table tennis, darts, and numerous board games. This is where the staff can socialize which can contribute to their well-being.

PDC Manila started operations in its new home in October 16.