Annual Christmas Movie Night 2014

Annual Christmas Movie Night 2014

For 2014’s annual Christmas Movie Night, PDC Staff and families were invited to purchase a ticket and bring an early christmas gift to the Hebron Children’s Home, & Glory In The Highest Youth Ministry. Hebron Children’s Home is a non-profit organization located in the province of Bulacan, Philippines that serves as a temporary shelter for abandoned and neglected children. Similarly, GH Youth Ministry is a group of less fortunate kids and out of school youth of the local Church of Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

All proceeds from the year’s Christmas Movie Night will go towards a scholarship fund for both organizations, with the aim of giving children a brighter future by providing education and monetary support to assist in their schooling and basic needs. PDC would like to recognize that despite their current situations, we believe that every child deserves the chance to reach their academic dreams.

As part of PDC’s charity work, a total of 42 Filipino kids and teens came to say hello at the PDC Asia Pacific office. After that they were off to enjoy a Family Movie Night, featuring The Hobbit 3, alongside 120 PDC staff and family members at The Podium Cinema.  PDC was happy to have the opportunity to give the participants a sports package, educational DVD’s, loot bags, school supplies and personalized cards as early Christmas gifts.

A total of Php $34,796.96 was raised from the sales of t-shirts, movie & raffle tickets. With all the proceeds from the successful Christmas event, PDC was able to help 7 young individuals put money towards their school fees for the coming school year. Even better, some of the individuals even shared the proceeds with other children in their family. The kids and their parents excitedly received the blessings and extended their gratitude to PDC with a promise that they will be more diligent in their studies. Furthermore, they all took the challenge and said “Yes!” to our “Chase Your Dreams, Little One” proposition.

Well would like to thank our team for constantly supporting our Outreach Program pursuits, and for extending a hand so that our future generations have a chance to chase their dreams.


Annual Christmas Movie Night